How RealtyBeacon works

  • You get the listing

    By showing sellers you use the latest technology to make discovering their home as easy as possible, you have a distinct advantage over other Realtors.
  • Buyer gets instant info

    Buyer sends text message and instantly receives property info, including a link to the property.
  • Buyer downloads your app

    Once buyers have your app, they'll get instant property info whenever they're within 100' of any RealtyBeacon sign

Watch the video

Demo RealtyBeacon for Free

Give it a try! Download your customized app in less than 3 minutes.

This demo sends a text message to your mobile phone. Simply click the link to download your custom branded app directly from Google Play or the iTunes App Store.

Agent with phone



I love showing this technology to sellers at listing presentations... where I explain how it helps me convert more buyers into showing appointments.

S. Julius, Coldwell Banker Real Estate



Agent app

White Label program promotes your brand.

     - Custom branded app provided at no charge. 

     - Or use our SDK to add RealtyBeacon detection to your company app!

     - RealtyBeacon Signs can be customized to match your current sign colors.

     - Signs with local phone numbers are available as well.


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